Sunday, February 26, 2012

Running plus 5!

So, I had a bit of a first. I was running with Natalie who has joined this little run club. We were just doing a mile in the neighborhood. I had Molly & a neighbor in the stroller, and I of course am carrying a little one. Well, Baylie & Brookie were roller skating and they held on to the stroller so I was pulling the two girls on top of the three I was pushing!! I had to laugh a few times. It was a great resistance workout!!

Oh, and the race is on for our March 4th competition!! I think our emails this year have to include a fun parade picture too, what do you think??

Monday, May 18, 2009

And Natalie - 5 yrs!

This is Natalie's VIP day at preschool. It takes the place of celebrating random and clustery birthdays. She spreads them out and everyone gets honored. Ben and I both enjoyed her special day at preschool with her. (don't ask about my hair - I don't know what it was doing!)
Show and tell - one of her favorite toys - Jazmin's purple horse.

And, a proud moment - our little performer :-)

Back in February...

My baby turned three on Valentine's Day. We had our good friends over for some cake and ice cream. Don't mind the dress up that is falling off of her :-) But, I thought it was funny to see how shy she was and almost scared she is of everyone. She is boisterous and bubbly for me, but for now, she is pretty timid and shy around a crowd.

Easter Pix

So here are the pix I talked about over a month ago. These are some of my favorite pictures of my girls!! I love how the dresses turned out (made by a friend of ours while we were in Rome) and I'm glad the older girls let me curl their hair. Now, if the just looked like this a little more often, maybe the ragged new growth hair wouldn't be so hideous! Baylie's hair is coming a long way, but it is still pretty chunky. Ashley has the longest hair of them all.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laptops are the best!

Yeahoo!! We are back in business. Ben got us a red Dell laptop and it has been so fun. I have taken it upstairs with me, laid it on the couch with me and now we are at the table!! It is great. I'll post pics when I get things uploaded. A lot has happened online while I've been gone. I forgot the s on connersconnections for my blogspot address and found another Conner family! Can you believe it? Who knew? I should make a comment on their blog. They have three kids too - but two boys - and are trying to adopt a baby in Ethiopia? Anyway, I'mkind of amazed that I took two minutes to read a blog about someone I know absolutely nothing about. Crazy world of internet.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!! I took a really cute picture of the girls in their dresses, but alas, our internet is down again. For some reason when our IP address changes (which I hear happens often) our computer doesn't want to recognize it, blah, blah, blah and we don't have internet becuase we don't know how to fix it each time! So, after buying more ram, after buying a new rout er, we are going to buy a new computer - so you won't hear from us for a little while again. sorry.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


First McDonalds in Italy - couldn't resist. But, I ordered fairly safe, I didn't order the fried shrimp or the fried mozzorella/spinach balls.
At the Colloseum - Ben's favorite and highlight of his trip.
The wives of American Family enjoying Pompeii. We are standing on the stones in the road where people would cross so that they wouldn't have to step in the sewage that ran freely in the road. Luckily that was thousands of years ago otherwise we would have had to throw our shoes away!!
Yeah!! My gondola ride!! I realy wanted to do this so we shared our romantic ride with another couple, rode under the famous Rialto Bridge, by Marco Polo's palace and other fun areas.

So we fell in love with our new amor, Roma. Ben and I took a trip to Venice, Florence and Rome doing all the major sites and a few more. We were spoiled by Ben's company and by my parents, who along, with the Jones (who are also amazing) took our children while we were away. Enjoy the pics!